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Old 06-21-2019, 04:19 AM
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Default Affiliate News Land Rover switched to active tests of a new generation Range Rover

So far there is little information on the Web, but now the company has begun testing new platforms with aggregates. This can be seen in fresh spy photos, which show a prototype with a body from the current version.

On the Net, thanks to the British edition of Autocar, fresh photos of the test prototype Range Rover of the new generation have appeared. You can't see the design in these images - the old body was “pulled” onto the new platform, which barely got into it. Engineers had to work a little bit with a file, expanding the wheel arches and adding a superstructure on the rear bumper for the exhaust system.

Of course, the details are not disclosed. The model will be built on the basis of the new modular platform MLA. The prototype is equipped with a V8 engine with unknown characteristics. It can be assumed that a 4.4-liter engine from
BMW is used. It is likely that it will replace the 5.0-liter unit with the current version. It is also known that the V6 gasoline engines, hybrid and all-electric power units will be used in the engine range.

From the words of the chief designer of JLR - the design of the new generation of Range Rover is virtually unchanged. Minor stylistic changes, of course, will occur, but the overall concept will be unchanged. But the interior will be completely redesigned.

The most versatile LADA Largus Kalina car is already in the making

The previously announced project entered the active phase. The car in the basic configuration is already undergoing the first stages of modernization and is preparing for the installation of HBO, suspension processing, as well as serious tuning.

The famous inspirer and motorist Peter Gruzdev serves as the ideological inspirer and leader. The project involves the creation of the most versatile vehicle that can be used in everyday life, for commercial activities, as well as for long journeys and expeditions.

The well-known model will receive a 1.8-liter VAZ engine with a slight modification, a robotized transmission, a revised suspension, as well as a converted roof. In addition, the car will receive the installation of HBO to increase the distance of trips and reduce their cost.

Now we are working on creating an absolutely universal car. From the basic version of the popular wagon Largus Karelia has a high roof, increased engine capacity and a number of improvements in the chassis. It is very important that the owner of such a machine feels confident in traveling long distances and in places with different climatic conditions, ”the author of the project notes.
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