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Default Overview of Affiliation of Smart Baby Watch FA23

Children's watch FA23 is designed for schoolchildren aged from 6 to 12 years. All the features they offer will be useful not only for young users, but will also become an important aspect for parents in controlling a child.

Here are the most basic ones:

clock, phone, dialing a phone number right in the clock positioning, SOS call, chat, wiretapping (audio monitoring), Do not disturb mode, setting geofence (electronic fence), important notices on parents smartphone. Additional features include: pedometer, alarm clock, screen saver with analog dial, travel history for a specific period, remote shutdown hours, settings through the Aibeile application, Friend function.


Smart Baby Watch FA23 comes in a package with some additional accessories. In a beautifully designed retractable packaging are: clock, USB charging cable with magnetic contacts, slot cap 2 screws for the plug (+2 spare), mini screwdriver, tweezers for the convenience of working with screws, quick start guide.

Package contents may vary by manufacturer.


The smart watch FA23 has a small size: 45 x 39 x 15 mm and a small weight: 40 grams.

They look stylish and are suitable for both boys and girls thanks to the color options available:

white with blue trim (blue + white),

white with red trim (red + white),

black with red trim (black + red)

In our review - a white model with elements of blue. Previous Next The body is made of plastic. On its right side there is a physical button, which performs several functions: Turn on the device. While holding - turn off the clock (without a SIM card inside). Emergency call by long pressing more than 3 seconds (with installed and configured SIM card). Activate / deactivate the screen by short pressing. Under the screen is a touch button, with which you can go back a step.

The microphone is built into the lower end of the case, and the speaker into the upper one. The sound in the gadget is good, you can also hear the kid clearly in the phone. On the street, it is advisable to bring the microphone closer to your face, since extraneous noises can block the voice. The reverse side of the watch contains a four-pin magnetic row for charging. This way to charge the watch is very convenient and practical. T

he kid himself can connect the gadget to the laptop without damaging the USB socket in the clock. There is no arm removal sensor in this model. On the left side you can see the SIM card slot. It is covered with a cap, which is fastened with two small screws using a mini screwdriver from the kit. For convenience, the screws can be taken with tweezers, which also comes in the box. The strap is made of silicone, consists of two layers of different colors and has a slight groove. The clasp is metal. It is soft, but not too elastic.

The mount does not have pins, so you can only remove it with a needle. The manufacturer does not offer replaceable bracelets for this version.


The FA23's OLED clock display is square. It is colored, touch, with a diagonal of 1.3 inches. The screen has a protective film. The screen is touch sensitive and can be adjusted in brightness via the Aibeile mobile app installed on the parent smartphone. Navigate through the menu items you need using the swipe right / left.


The interface includes 7 sections. Turning on the device will take you to a screensaver with an analog clock format. Tapnuv on it, opens the main screen, from which on the following points you can move to the right side by scrolling.

Consider the menu sections in order.

1. Main screen.

Contains the necessary information: digital time, date, day of the week, battery charge, indicator GSM network level, sound mode, data exchange (internet availability) connection with GPS satellite or Wi-Fi network, chat message notification, Do not disturb mode, set alarm.

The time display format is 12/24 and the date HH / MM / YYYY can be adjusted in the settings through the software.

2. Chat.

In this section you can see the last two messages that came from the application or sent to the software. Hours accept voice and text SMS. You can send them to the chat hours both from the program and via SMS messenger on your phone via a mobile operator. From the application, the message is received via the Internet, and SMS from the smartphone is charged according to the rates of your GSM operator. From the chat, the child can only send a voice message to the application. To do this, hold the touch button in the chat "Press" and clearly speak the message. The recording is sent as soon as the button is released.

3. Recruitment.

At this point, the child can dial any phone number manually to make a call.

4. Contacts.

The list of allowed numbers, the incoming call from which can be received on the clock. Subscribers who are not listed in the phone book will not reach the child. Contacts are made through the Aibeile software. In total, they can be recorded up to 20.

5. Friends.

By tapping on the “Friends” icon, the watch automatically starts searching via Blutooth of another similar device, on which this function is activated at the same time. The two paired Baby Watch have the ability to exchange voice messages in a chat within the range of a wireless connection.

6. Pedometer.

The steps completed in a day can be viewed in this section. In the application, parents adjust the length of the foot and the weight of the young user so that the counter calculates the number of steps as accurately as possible.

7. ID & APP . The last item contains the ID number of the clock. This is the identifier with which the device needs to be registered in the Aibeile application. On the box there is a sticker with IMEI numbers and ID (as in our case), but sometimes the codes are stuck on the device case. If the sticker is lost, the ID code is contained in this section.

Special Features

Like all smart watches for children, they have a number of features that make working with the device more comfortable and improved. These features include: SOS button. This is an important feature of these children's GPS watches, which allows you to quickly connect with relatives with one touch at any time.

Through the application Aibeile, you can program up to 3 numbers of relatives. Setup using SMS commands. The device understands SMS commands that can be sent to their phone number. So you can set the parameters of the gadget without logging in to the application: change the port, server, call mode, reboot, etc.

A list of all the commands can be found in the attached manual or on our website here . GPS / A-GPS / Wi-Fi / LBS positioning. The coordinates are determined using GPS satellites with A-GPS acceleration technology. If there is no connection with the satellites (usually in the premises), the clock establishes a connection with a Wi-Fi signal located nearby. On this signal, you can determine the location of the child. In the absence of both GPS and Wi-Fi points, a connection is automatically made to the cell phone towers - LBS (the option must be activated in the application).

The error in positioning on LBS is very large: from 100 m to 1 km and even more, since the cell towers are located at a great distance from each other. Dialer. The child has the opportunity to dial any number directly from the wrist. This method is useful in the case when it is impossible to reach the parents, and in the phone book is missing the desired number of relatives. Keyboard buttons are not very small.

Children's thin finger is convenient to press the keys. IP67 protection against moisture and dust. This indicator suggests that the gadget is not afraid of street dust and spray. But specifically to expose the device to sand or water should not be in order to avoid the failure of its hardware. Magnetic charging. Quickly and conveniently, the child himself can charge the watch without damaging the contacts.

Many parents want to know the situation around the child at any time. By making a forced call from the clock, you can listen to who is near his son or daughter, and also what is happening: the noise of the motor of the car or the barking of a dog. Electronic fence. In the program, a permitted area, or geo-sampling, is set up in a special item, the boundaries of which the child is prohibited to leave. In case of violation of this area, a notification is sent to the parents' smartphone.


Smart Watch FA23 is a comfortable children's watch with GPS, which is well suited for boys and girls aged 6-12 years. For parents, this is the best way to control your child: contact him at any time or find out where he is at the moment.

Also, relatives can be calm for the safety of the baby, because an emergency call from the FA23 watch to make the child easy and fast. The device looks stylish and looks beautiful on the arm. Thanks to protection against dust and moisture, you can not be afraid that the gadget will deteriorate if it accidentally falls into the sandbox or under the rain.

Working with the application is not difficult. The only prerequisite is the availability of the Internet on both the parent’s smartphone and the card in the clock. In this case, the full functionality of the wearable device (original smart watches and the ability to always be in touch will be available.
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