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Old 02-12-2014, 10:00 PM
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Default Feeling Discriminated at PokerAffiliateListings Forum

Hi everyone,

This is an unusual report as it doesn't has anything to do with an operator or an affiliate program, so moderators will be so kind and move it to the right (sub) forum if this isn't the right location.

I will make it as short as possible:

I had a domain name I wanted to sell. So I went to pokeraffiliatelistings.com forum, which I have been following for some time and even registered although I didn't have a lot of posts. Opened a thread and listed my domain name offer. I was going to be banned a few days after, and this was my message sent to their administration:


I just saw that a moderator gave me a ban and I am interested to know the reason behind.

I did not break any rules as far as I know, maybe that I did post in the Market without having at least 25 posts. I did say though that I have no problem to have my thread deleted if such say the rules.

However I can't understand why was I banned? I mean, for what?

You may want to check that thread and follow up the conversation, you would notice that it was me that got harassed and even threatened by one member.

I just want you to check that and tell me the reason why I was banned? If you could show me the exact point in your rules which I did break, I will be very greatful.

I just have reasons to believe that the person who banned me, might be a friend of the guy who didn't like my posts, despite justifying my reasons in a civilized manner.

Do your rules say that I can't sell my domain name for as much as I want? I just don't understand how can some people be so rude just because they don't agree with my price. Or just because they don't agree with what I think.

Do you tolerate this? Is is what this forum is about, or are you going to take action?

I've sent you the username via the contact form on your website.

Best regards,

PS: I did feel discriminated on this forum. I will forget about this forum and that's it, but what you do just isn't right. And I suspect that this is not a singular case, unfortunately.
So what happened? Some people just didn't like my asking price. No problem with that, I have the right to sell, they have the right to not buy. But there was a guy there (I think "Montanes" was his nickname), which comes from Mexico according to his profile, and who told me the following:

"You might deserve to get smacked by a bulldozer".

When I replied that I take it as a threat, he said that this was a "metaphorical" threat. Oh really? And if I was to walk down the street and a guy tells me that I deserve to get smacked by a bulldozer, should I think that this is a metaphor? Or should I run and take it a real threat? Verbal threats do get punished by law as far as I know.

When I told them that for as long as I am the owner, I have the moral and legal right to ask any price I want, they didn't seem to get that.

Ok, but what happened next?

Yes, when I tried to log in, I saw the following message:

You have been banned for the following reason:
Come back in a few months when you're ready to play nice and not take things so personally bro. You should've been put in timeout long ago so be fortunate your rants were allowed to be seen publicly for even this long. GL with the domain sale.
Oh really? So if I feel offended and threatened, I shouldn't take it personally, right? I am not sure who are you behind all this, because you didn't even bother to display your name, but if you did think that I am breaking any rules, you should have sent me a warning message, and tell me what is wrong. Or this is what a good moderator would do. What you just did was acting like a rat who hides after a monitor and an unknown username/name. I am not sure if the owner of PokerAffiliateListings knows anything about, but I've sent a message via the contact form and posted on your Facebook oage, with the hope that there's at least one reasonable person in your team that acknowledges the right for free expression.

I always thought this was a good forum. I might still think that. But if they don't take any action now and tolerate this "I do what I want" attitude, the consequences will surely follow one day or another.

To be noted that I did never use a single curse while replying in that thread (which was deleted by the way) and I always acted in a civilized manner. I do not consider to have broken any rules that could lead to a half year ban.

That's all I wanted to say.
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Old 02-18-2014, 10:13 PM
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It doesn't sound like you were the only one at fault. That other person should've been disciplined, too. However, you never know what happened after being banned. The forum owners don't always tell you what's up.
Erin Walsh, Boost Affiliates
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Old 09-21-2014, 02:46 AM
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You sound a little too upsey possible why they did ban you. Try gpwa
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Old 11-18-2014, 08:42 PM
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Originally Posted by f1bettings View Post
You sound a little too upsey possible why they did ban you. Try gpwa
This! That was quite a long tirade for one negative personal comment about bulldozers... that wasn't even terribly offensive.

With that said, from what you have said, I don't think you deserved the banstick. There are always two sides to the story however.

Either way though, PAL is a privately owned site, and is owned by an affiliate group themselves. Their motives are their own and they can do as they please. They probably abuse their power at times, who doesn't?
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