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Default How to Find level of an SEO Company for Affiliate Marketing

As for the fixed payment, it is quite natural and normal practice in the initial stages. The reason is simple: during this period the volume of work is very large, and there are no results yet. You pay for working hours of specialists.

BUT! This period should be limited to a few months. After the set time has elapsed, the site should reach the stated positions and begin to pay back investments in SEO.

A fixed payment can be kept at a minimum amount, but it should be much smaller than at the start. And it is imperative to settle in the contract: what works are carried out on a regular basis, how many hours it takes, what is the cost of an hour - a full calculation.

If you are offered to work on an eternal salary, then it is easier to hire a freelancer or an SEO specialist in the state. By the way, nothing prevents you from connecting your own specialist who will be trained during the promotion to work with an SEO company.


Pay for what? One of the main issues. There is no single answer, you can only say that the payment must necessarily be tied to a specific result. Even if these are positions, then you need to pay for each word, and even better - for each day of his stay in the Top10.

The logic is simple: if the site on the penultimate day of the reporting period came out on top for a specific keyword, then it would be right to pay for two days, and not for a month. And if he disappears again the next day, and then again at the end of the period rises above the lower bar, then in fact he was out of the top for a whole month.

If you are offered to pay for the entire reporting period, or even under the “more than half in the top - we pay for everything” scheme , then it is better to refuse.
If the goal is traffic, then you need to pay only for the search engine and only for the semantics that you have approved. The growth of total site traffic as the main KPI can not act.
Can I work for orders / requests / action? Yes, it is quite. Just keep in mind that the scheme will be complex and will have to understand the end-to-end analytics. Otherwise, natural lead doubling may occur.

Please note: one of the forms of work under the CPA scheme is tied to new applications. If your contract says that you only pay for clients attracted in excess of the active client base, then you need to update this database and synchronize it with the analytics system. Otherwise, in the first month you will receive a report with a huge number of real leads, which are actually your regular customers.

In general, SEO on the CPA model is practiced infrequently precisely because of the difficulties in recording actions and drawing up a contract. If the company is ready to work for leads, then this is good, it only requires a very careful discussion of the conditions. And be prepared that in the end you will have to pay more than with other KPIs: this is a fee for transparency. And there is also a threshold for entry: if your site now brings 0 applications per month and it is visited by 100 people per day, you will be denied.

This logically leads us to the following point: if you are not asked about the current indicators of the site for those KPIs that will be in the contract, then this is very strange. You can not predict growth without knowing the base level. If these questions concern you more than the executor, then in the future wait for disputes around the amount of remuneration.

Account manager

You must have an account manager (he is a client). If he is not appointed, then in the company this role is performed by combining an SEO specialist, director or casual employee. This is a minus: the full combination of these functions is possible only if it leads 1-2 clients. If more, then communication with the client will be a secondary task. And this means delays in response, which spoils the relationship and makes it difficult to identify problems in time especially in case of affiliate project.

The designated account manager, in turn, already at the time of the initial exchange of contact information, should be interested in the same question: with whom will he communicate on your side? Because there will be a lot of questions, and we need a single center of their resolution. If they do not ask (it happens very rarely), then this indicates the absence of any real work experience.

Sample Report

Be sure to take a look at the sample report that will be sent to you every month. It should contain the following sections:

Work done (preferably in hours)
KPI Achieved
Identified problems and plan to resolve them
Work plan for the next reporting period
Recommendations SEO-specialist / other specialists of the company (for example, UX-specialist), if any
Data on academic performance (by how many percent is planned for this reporting period)

If you are offered a specific payment scheme, then the report should show data on all selected KPIs. Planned works are transferred to the results, not KPIs achieved - to the analysis of the causes of failure and the work plan for the next period. This is the report of the company, aimed at the result.
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